How to find a great driving instructor in Stockport

Leaning to drive is a huge commitment in both time and money, so it is important to get your choice of driving instructor right first time – however once you do pass the sense of freedom that you get from driving your first car will more than make up for the stresses of learning to drive!

In order to help pick the best driving instructor for you, we have put together a short list of tips for you to consider.

While this guide is specific to Stockport, Knutsford and Wilmslow, the same principles apply to anywhere in the UK.

Tips for finding a great driving lessons in Stockport.

Get Feedback.

Getting feedback from the driving schools previous students is a very important thing to do. Using this feedback you can gauge the instructors teaching style and temperament, how many lessons on average students have taken to successfully pass the test and the instructors first time pass rate.

At the very least you can use this information to decide whom not to book your lessons with – helping to narrow your search down.

The gender of the driving instructor can also play a part in your choice. Female students can often feel more comfortable with a female driving instructor in Stockport – again, this is completely down to personal preference – go with what ever you feel comfortable with.

Pick local.

It is always a good idea to pick a driving instructor that operates in your local area even if they are a little more expensive, rather than one that may be cheaper but based further afield. Learning to drive in the local area will be of great benefit as you may already be familiar with your local roads and driving conditions.

For example, if you live in Stockport, then consider a driving instructor from Knutsford, Wilmslow – we wouldn’t recommend looking further afield than this.

By choosing local you will also cut down on your own travel time, as the instructors will nearly always pick you up from home – one that’s based further afield may require you to make your own way to them.

Don’t believe the adverts.

Never book driving lessons in Stockport based on the Instructors or Schools adverts alone, always back up a choice with hard facts. While it is not common in the industry it has been know for instructors to misreport pass rates and other information in adverts in order to get you to sign up.

Be wary of guarantees as well, if an instructor guarantees that you’ll pass when taking lessons with them then be cautious – even the best driving instructors will never have a 100% pass rate as many factors can affect a driving exam on the day – very few of which the instructor has any control over.

Don’t choose on price alone.

Never base your choice of driving school on price alone – as cheaper schools can be a false economy in the long run. If you do pick a driving school solely on being the cheapest, then you run the risk of either getting a sub par instructor or be locked into a deal where they can increase the price of lessons later on.

If you are on a lower income or cannot afford one of the better, higher priced driving schools, then it may be an idea to learn to drive over a longer period – this guarantees that you’ll still receive the best instruction available, but at a price you can afford.

You may also be able to negotiate with the driving instructor if you agree to block book a large number of driving lessons in advance.

The type of car

The type of car that the instructor uses can also be an important factor in your decision.

You must ensure that the car you learn in is dual control – all registered instructors use dual control cars – this is a second set of foot pedals mounted on the passenger side that allows the instructor to stop the car in an emergency.

The vast majority of driving instructors teach using a car with a manual gearbox where you control the cars speed using a gear stick.


This is something that we would always recommend to start with, learning in a manual car will be harder than learning in an automatic (where the gear changing is done for you, automatically by the car) but when you pass you will be able to drive both types of car. If you take your test in an auto, then you will only be licensed to drive automatic cars. This will limit the types of car that you will be able to drive in the future.

If you struggle with learning to drive in a car with a manual gearbox, then by all means switch to an auto – but we would always recommend at least trying a manual car first.

Summing Up

This list of things to look out for is not exhaustive at all – but can serve as a basis for picking the right instructor for you. At the very least we would recommend speaking to other people that have used the prospective driving school and getting their opinions. Good luck!

Not from Stockport?

If you are not based in Stockport then you can still find a great driving instructor buy checking out UK National Driving School directory – – Just let them know we sent you!

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